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Flower Festival - Madeira

19 Apr 2016 - 25 Apr 2016
Place: Funchal


The Traditional Flower Festival takes place every year in April/May, as a way to pay tribute to the beautiful Madeira flowers and to celebrate spring, filling the main streets of Funchal with joy and delight during the parade of floats leaving a soft perfume of flowers in the air.

This show is composed of several troupes presenting different choreographies each year. On the eve of the parade, thousands of children meet in the city square, where they lay a flower, to build the so-called Wall of Hope, with the aim of building a huge wall of flowers that symbolizes the hope for a better world.


In addition there are other activities such as construction of floral carpets in the streets of Funchal, the organization of competitions for decoration with flowers with the award of prizes for the best one and performances of folklore groups, brass bands and other groups taking place in the main streets.

The Flower Festival in Madeira is an event unique in the world, offering a wonderful spectacle for all who attend as well as participate in moments of great happiness. It is a show not to be missed for all lovers of flowers and for those who seek moments of magic and joy.